Hi I'm Jess, I'm so glad you're here!

So you'd like know a little about me, well, here's the short version:I usually begin by saying “while pursing my masters” but the story really begins a few years before that. After my undergraduate graduation, after getting my first job and moving out on my own, I realized quickly I needed to learn how to cook for myself. So that’s where it all started. 

On my trips to the grocery store, I found myself in the produce department, a place where I hadn’t spent a lot of time before and didn’t know where to start. I began looking for recipes in magazines and on the Internet and stumbled my way into loving how to cook. I started to feel happier and healthier and I owed it all to the fresh foods I was now bringing home from the grocery store. 

So coming back to… pursing my Master’s degree, I decided to blend my two passions: design and food. I wrote my thesis on how design can be utilized in the prevention of childhood obesity. As I researched America’s complicated food industry, the lack of Home Economics in schools and cooking time for working parents, I came up with the food guide artwork I now sell here and on Etsy.

The Jessica Haas Designs Seasonal Food Guide empowers families to bring home the freshest food for themselves. The guide is designed such that each loop in the circle is a category, identifying the freshest herbs and spices, salad, fruit, protein, and vegetables in each of the four seasons for easy shopping and balanced meals maximizing nutrition and most importantly, flavor.

The JHD Seasonal Food Guide is individually researched for all states within the continental U.S. and available as Kitchen Décor, Grocery and Menu Notepads and Shopping Tote Bag. Paper products are printed on 100% Post-Consumer recycled paper and the Shopping Bags are made with eco-canvas.

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